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4 June 2024

Great advantages of industrial production of modular apartments

Building modularly has a range of advantages compared to traditional construction methods. By utilizing factory precision and faster construction times, this method challenges and modernizes the construction industry. At SIBS, we developed a unique system that combines efficiency, quality, and flexibility, allowing us to be faster than traditional modular builders. Shorter construction time with high […]

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22 May 2024

From vision to reality

A leading global player in sustainable industrial housing construction SIBS started in 2016 with a vision of transforming housing construction. Today, the company is a global leader in the industrial and large-scale production of apartment buildings. Through SIBS’ efficient, flexible and scalable systems, the company has created a platform for sustainable housing with unique patented […]

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10 April 2024

Scaled up factory capacity

SIBS is now a global leader in the industrial production of apartment buildings. Through our efficient, flexible and scalable system, we have created a housing platform offering unique solutions for multiple markets.   From the outset we have seen the global need for large-scale industrial housing production and have continuously adapted to this need. This […]

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2 April 2024

What is SIBS ConstructionTech?

ConstructionTech is the combination of automated design systems and industrial construction, which transforms generated drawings into finished buildings with precision. It is a technical platform with scalable functionality which allows the final product to be easily adapted to different conditions. This allows SIBS to move away from traditional approaches to real-estate development – where each […]

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13 March 2024

Better safety with off-site modular production

The construction industry is well known for its high rates of accidents and fatalities. The International Labour Organization reports around 340 million occupational accidents and 160 million work-related illnesses annually, with construction being a significant contributor. Addressing these safety challenges is crucial, and one effective solution is off-site construction. By completing projects in a controlled […]

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23 February 2024

Sustainable practices of SIBS construction

By 2050, the UN predicts 9.7 billion people will inhabit the Earth, with 80% of them living in cities. The construction sector significantly contributes to rising global greenhouse gas emissions. At SIBS, we focus on creating high-quality living environments where people can thrive safely, without exceeding planetary boundaries or causing harm. SIBS believes modular industrializing […]

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5 October 2023

SIBS to deliver another 1,300 apartments to NEOM

SIBS has been awarded a new contract to deliver an additional 1,300 apartments to a large-scale residential project in NEOM, a region in northwestern Saudi Arabia. SIBS is the sole supplier chosen for this project and this is the second order from NEOM in 4 months. This solidifies SIBS position in Saudi Arabia and globally […]

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1 September 2023

How room aesthetics affect mood & well-being

Have you ever entered a room and instantly felt energized or cozy? Or perhaps experienced discomfort, anxiety, or isolation in a new space? These emotional responses are common because a room’s aesthetics profoundly influence your mood and wellbeing. A thoughtfully designed room can bring comfort and serenity, while a poorly designed, dimly lit space can […]

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6 June 2023

SIBS Secures project to NEOM, Saudi Arabia

SIBS successfully secured a multi-billion ringgit contract to deliver 2,174 apartments to Neom, a large urbanization project for The Line in Saudi Arabia. The Line is a cognitive city stretching across 170 kilometers from the epic mountains of NEOM across inspirational desert valleys to the beautiful Red Sea.  SIBS will deliver the project in the […]

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23 March 2023

What makes scandinavian designs appealing?

When it comes to design, few styles have the enduring appeal of Scandinavian design. There’s something about the Scandi style that captivates people worldwide. The success of IKEA and its global expansion highlight the widespread attraction to these clean and minimalist aesthetics. Why is Scandinavian Design So Appealing? Clean and simple designs Scandinavian style is […]

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