About us

SIBS’ long-term objective is to drive the development of tomorrow’s construction industry, where construction projects cost less, are completed faster and are more predictable. Taking months, not years, to build new homes. Our ambition is to lead developments within industrial construction and we invested early in the development of automated, high-tech, highly flexible building systems.

We are SIBS

We are SIBS. Scandinavian Industrialized Building Systems. We are on a mission to develop and making industrial construction more efficient through technology.



Our long-term goal is to be the frontrunner of ConstructionTech and drive the development of tomorrow’s construction industry where building projects cost less, take shorter time, and are more predictable.

We know that apartments can be built within months, not years.


Our daily driving force is to work every day, step by step, to reinvent construction through technology. By using ConstructionTech, we are reinventing a traditional industry and making it more cost-efficient, productive and digital.

With an improved construction industry, we can make high Scandinavian high quality buildings, that are both energy-efficient and designed to be available on a global market.

TCFM –Time, Cost, Flexibility and Modularity

Traditional construction of apartment buildings is costly, time-consuming and unpredictable.

We have a system that together with our supply chain, significantly reduces time compared to conventional construction methods. In comparison to other modular construction, our delivery is fully modular, and our design phase is shortened. This results in reduced total cost.

Our building system is created for full flexibility to accommodate each individual construction site and project requirements. This enables us to adapt to different countries’ regulations and climates, and deliver superior quality products, without typical limitations for module dimensions.



The combination of design automation systems and industrial construction, turning automatically generated drawings into finalized buildings with exact precision. ConstructionTech reduces building times by up to 50% compared to conventional methods.

Building system

Flexible and scalable design automation software that transforms automatically generated drawings into finished buildings.

Production system

Processes and production machines developed in-house to be integrated with the software.

Our global reach

The location of the factories was selected thanks to its strong local supply chain, accessibility to raw materials, high skilled engineers and our great network.

It is also a strategic location with a sea freight port and the possibility to reach many global markets.

SIBS History

Carefully built with a drive to change

SIBS was founded in 2016 with the goal of transforming the residential construction industry by harnessing the benefits of digitalization in an industry that was in great need of innovation. Cost estimates were often unpredictable, the process was time-consuming and expenses skyrocketed.

We assembled experts and doctoral candidates in industrial construction, design automation, and architecture, as well as business developers, and mechanical- and software engineers. Together we created an entirely new concept. In 2018, we opened our first factory and produced our first building. It was a major success, leading to an expansion of our operations in 2019.

Taking the lead in industrialized construction

In 2022, we inaugurated our second factory, equipped with four new production lines, increasing our annual capacity to approximately 6,000 homes. Our production process has now been further optimized, with a continued focus on efficiency, quality, and the safety of our employees.

Early on, we had plans for SIBS to become an international player, and this influenced our choices. We opted, among other things, for a steel construction that can withstand demanding transportation and is approved in more countries than wooden structures. We located the factory in Penang, Malaysia, where we already had established relationships and where expertise in mechanical engineering and industrial construction is among the best in the world. The step out onto the global market is also shorter from Malaysia.

SIBS today

Today SIBS is one of the leading global manufacturers of industrial apartment construction, with a level of expertise, capacity, and delivery capability that few in the world can match. Our scalable capacity and efficient production enable us to deliver high-quality homes in a short period. With our drive, knowledge, and experience, we continue to evolve, both as individuals and as a company, to deliver on the goals we set in 2016.

We focus on


Scalability in the entire value chain from design to production.

Adaptable production

Flexible building system and production equipment that adapts to different markets' local regulations.

Quality assurance throughout the chain

Over 350 control points are checked along the entire chain and are documented digitally.


Houses are designed with future possibility to be dissembled, the houses can be moved and rebuilt again.

Join our mission

SIBS offers the opportunity to team up with leading experts in a specific field, while being part of something bigger. Together, we work towards our common mission to reinvent construction through technology.

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