SIBS Efficient production systems

Our long-term goal is to drive the development of tomorrow’s construction industry where building projects cost less, take shorter time, and are more predictable.

By letting technology, data and automation guide our processes, we are reinventing a traditional industry and making it more cost-efficient, productive and digital.

Our proprietary construction system (SIBS building system) and production system (SPS Flow), act as digital backbones throughout our entire construction and business process.

Building through our proprietary construction system

Simplicity and volume saves time and money

Our proprietary construction system is developed from the ground up in collaboration with some of Sweden’s leading experts in the field of industrial construction.

Our system is built on a general grid of 100mm x 100mm, which means that our modules easily can be changed and optimized in length and width. This enables us to adapt to different countries’ regulations and climates. It can handle and tailor-make each project according to the land plot, fully utilize the buildable area, and meet any local requirements. We deliver superior products without typical limitations for module dimensions.

Full vertical integration

Our building system has been developed to reduce time on construction sites, both in assembling the volumetric elements as well as in finalizing internal shafts and final touches. We have a very high module-efficiency factor.

The SIBS building system

The building system is modularized, and sub-modules can be combined to create a varied end-product if desired.

Automated and highly adaptable planning

  • Advanced digital tools handles all information regarding the entire process.
  • Ensures that all buildings will fulfill all formal demand.
  • Handles and tailor makes each project according to the land plot and meet any local requirements.
  • High degree of automation ensures efficiency and quality.

Remote Control with a global reach

SPS-flow is a SIBS-developed platform. It supports efficient management and acts as a digital backbone throughout our entire business process.

Functions in SPS-Flow:

  • Supports collaboration and information sharing
  • Provides real-time visibility into project progress
  • Works seamlessly across geographical locations
  • Presents instructions, checklists, and documentation of quality controls
  • Enables instant access to the outcome of quality-critical steps
  • Allows for real-time auditing and control

“SPS” stands for “SIBS Production System” and “Flow” refers to the flow of information in line with a given flowchart.

Design & configuration

Planning and resourcing


Logistics & transport

Assembly & completion

SPS Flow

SPS-flow is a SIBS-developed digital platform that supports collaboration, information sharing and efficient management of projects throughout the entire business process.