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Leading industrial producer of apartment buildings

Time is of the essence. At SIBS we incorporate a wide range of innovations, Scandinavian quality and technologies to build the future of living.

We have integrated an automated design system and an industrial production system that is fast and where cost and efficiency don’t compromise with our Swedish values of quality or sustainability.

With our cutting-edge ConstructionTech solutions, our capacity and our fully modular delivery, we’re redefining what’s possible in the world of construction.

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Fully modular, turnkey houses

SIBS provides a turnkey solution that manages the entire value chain from design and configuration to assembly and completion to a global market. We have an exceptional capacity and ability to adapt systems and production for different regulations, climates and needs. We deliver either turnkey houses or modules, providing assistance all the way to the turnkey stage. We are one of the few that deliver fully completed modular houses where spaces such as corridors, stairwells and shafts are also produced modularly.


Scalable production capacity of up to 6,000 apartments per year.


Lower production cost compared with traditional construction.


Time saving from planning to completion compared with traditional construction.


Factories in Penang, Malaysia.


Completion rate in the factory (including elevator shafts, installations and stairwells).


Energy savings in houses delivered.

Our Process - Scalable & flexible with high capacity

SIBS provide scalable, sustainable and profitable solutions.

With our advanced building system and flexible design automation software, we make complex construction easy and efficient. Together with our capacity, integrated value chain, and just-in-time logistics infrastructure, we can deliver worldwide.

By having control over the entire value chain, we can ensure everything from quality, delivery, production efficiency, and supplier management, resulting in cost-effectiveness and strong delivery capability.

Design & configuration

Planning and resourcing


Logistics & transport

Assembly & completion

SPS Flow

SPS-flow is a SIBS-developed digital platform that supports collaboration, information sharing and efficient management of projects throughout the entire business process.

Global reach capacity

We are a Swedish company with a global reach. The combination of our Swedish building tech systems and our highly tech-efficient production facilities in Penang gives us both a global reach and great capacity.

Penang is a manufacturing hub in Malaysia and has a strong local supply chain and accessibility to raw materials and qualified labour. It is also a strategic location with a sea freight port and the possibility to reach many global markets.

The flexibility of parametric modularization

At SIBS we incorporate a wide range of innovations and technologies. Our intelligent building system is fast, and flexible and doesn´t compromise with our Swedish values, quality or sustainability.

The sysyem allows for the modules to be seamlessly adapted in length and width. The modules can also be combined in any number of ways. This makes it possible to maximize the floorspace and flexibility of the final product.

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Highly efficient production facilities

Our factories in Penang, Malaysia have been custombuilt and designed from the ground up to cater to the Group’s operations. This enables highly optimized production facilities.

Our factories have a scalable capacity and production is adapted for efficiency.

  • Up to 90% of the construction is completed in the factory.
  • It’s a complete modular delivery, including staircases, utility rooms, entrances and shafts
  • Scalable capacity of about 6,000 homes per year in the existing production facilities
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TCFM –Time, Cost, Flexibility and Modularity

Traditional construction of apartment buildings is costly, time-consuming and unpredictable. We have a system that together with our supply chain, significantly reduces time compared to conventional construction methods. Our design phase is also shortened and our delivery is fully modular, in comparison to other modular construction methods. This results in reduced total cost.

Our building system is created for full flexibility to accommodate each individual construction site and project requirements. This enables us to adapt to different countries’ regulations and climates, and deliver superior products, without typical limitations for module dimensions.