What is SIBS ConstructionTech?

ConstructionTech is the combination of automated design systems and industrial construction, which transforms generated drawings into finished buildings with precision. It is a technical platform with scalable functionality which allows the final product to be easily adapted to different conditions.

This allows SIBS to move away from traditional approaches to real-estate development – where each construction project has its own process. This makes the production of comfortable and affordable homes smarter, more flexible and more cost-effective.

Thanks to the structured on-site work and digital systems support, SIBS is able to produce homes of varying sizes quickly and with a high degree of completion. The scalable building system – the core of ConstructionTech – is also integrated into our factory.  

Through ConstructionTech, SIBS develops and aims to make construction more efficient through technology. This allows SIBS to reinvent a traditional industry and make it a more cost-effective, productive and digital one.

With an improved construction industry, SIBS is able to produce high-quality housing that is both energy efficient and designed to be circular and available on a global scale.

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