Scaled up factory capacity

SIBS is now a global leader in the industrial production of apartment buildings. Through our efficient, flexible and scalable system, we have created a housing platform offering unique solutions for multiple markets.  

From the outset we have seen the global need for large-scale industrial housing production and have continuously adapted to this need. This has included scaling up the number of our factories and production lines and our production capacity.

Successful adaptation to increasing demand

Over the past year, we have gone from mainly producing homes for ourselves in our Swedish domestic market to also producing homes for external clients in an international market. Our new orders have been strong, and we have not only seen an increase in demand but have also managed to expand our production capacity so that we can meet it. With two fully developed factories, we are now proudly using all five production lines, which gives us a huge capacity.

Thanks to large international deals in 2022 and 2023, such as the agreement with NEOM in Saudi Arabia involving over 3,000 homes, and our partnership with Donard Living, covering around 1,000 apartments annually in the UK and Ireland, we have been able to successfully scale up production while striving for the perfect flow.

Quality and efficiency are central to our activities. Our rapid growth has not compromised quality or monitoring. With our integrated quality controls and careful planning of each stage of the development process, we have ensured a smooth expansion that can be adapted to our needs.

Production efficiency

Right now we have an annual capacity of around 6,000 apartments, and our five production lines currently allow us to produce around 50 modules a day. We adapt design and production to the relevant priorities.  If volume is the priority, we can produce a high quality output, but with limited variety, at a very high rate. If variety is the priority, we can adapt accordingly.

The flow through the factory is fast and all the modules have to undergo quality checks before moving further along the production line. We measure and document over 400 quality points.

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