From vision to reality

A leading global player in sustainable industrial housing construction

SIBS started in 2016 with a vision of transforming housing construction. Today, the company is a global leader in the industrial and large-scale production of apartment buildings.

Through SIBS’ efficient, flexible and scalable systems, the company has created a platform for sustainable housing with unique patented solutions that focus on high quality and low energy consumption. SIBS has also included a circular dimension, whereby the buildings are designed to be dismantled and relocated to accommodate changing housing needs.

Right from the start, SIBS identified the global need for large-scale industrial housing production and adjusted its ambitions accordingly. Initially, apartments were built for self-management, allowing the evaluation and optimization of both buildings systems and production processes. This paved the way for the offering of high quality housing to external partners.

In 2018, SIBS’ first factory was inaugurated, followed by a second factory in 2022. Today, over 2,000 apartments have been produced and, with a production capacity of around 6,000 apartments a year, SIBS now aims to be a player in the sale of industrially produced apartment buildings on the global market.

A changing business model and international business

The new strategic direction also entails the divestment of some of SIBS’ wholly-owned properties, in line with a long-term plan to increasingly produce high quality housing for external stakeholders. This change has strengthened the company’s market position, supported by significant institutional investors who have acquired several of the properties.

The focus is now mainly on industrial sales, and SIBS recently updated its business model by adding two main areas: Industrial sales for the global market and Residential development and management in the Nordic market. By offering turnkey apartment buildings and customised solutions for different geographical markets and needs, SIBS enables a broad and flexible operation.

SIBS’ achievements in 2022 and 2023 include two significant international deals. Its contract with NEOM, the world’s largest urbanization project, in Saudi Arabia, includes the delivery of over 3,400 homes. A partnership with UK-based Donard Living also aims to build around 1,000 apartments annually in the UK and Ireland.

Adapting to both northern and desert climates

SIBS’ exceptional capacity and ability to adapt systems and production to different regulations, climates and needs have been crucial success factors. The company’s building system and production processes are flexible and adaptable to various markets, as demonstrated by their use in both Sweden’s northern climate and NEOM’s desert climate. SIBS is also one of the few operators capable of delivering prefabricated modular buildings where even the stairwells and shafts are produced using modular approaches.

Quality while growing

This rapid growth has not been at the expense of quality or monitoring. The company is continuing to carefully plan each stage of its development before taking the next step. The scalable system and integrated quality controls enable a smooth expansion that can be adapted to market’s needs.

In a short span of time, SIBS has brought about a tangible change in the construction industry through its innovative and sustainable methodology. By offering high-quality, energy-efficient and circular housing, the company has taken significant steps towards a more sustainable future for the industry. With strong growth and a clear focus on industrial sales, SIBS is well equipped to maintain its position as a leading player and to drive positive change globally.

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