SIBS to ship to UK and Ireland

SIBS will soon be shipping its apartments to UK and Ireland as it expands its global presence – marking its first milestone.

The first projects are under planning where the first sod will be available from the first quarter of 2023.

SIBS CEO Erik Thomaeus said SIBS is thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with Donard Living, a Real Estate company providing high quality, sustainable homes and living spaces using modern methods of construction.

“The joint venture will be SIBS’ first international deal since it started in 2018 and aims to build 1,000 beautiful yet affordable apartments.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with Donard Living. By combining Donard Living’s experience and knowledge in these markets with our concept for fast and high-quality construction, we will be able to make beautiful yet efficient and affordable homes available to more people in the UK and Ireland.

Steven Flannery, British Property Developer Says More Affordable Homes On The Way

“We have a strong pipeline of housing development projects where we want to deliver affordable homes on a large scale and in a sustainable way. The collaboration with SIBS greatly complements Donard Living’s experience in identifying, acquiring and financing housing development projects in the UK and Ireland. In our joint venture, we bring our respective forces together to deliver over 1,000 apartments annually,” says Steven Flannery, CEO of Donard Living.

SIBS in partnership with property developer Donard Living will build 495 apartments in two developments located within commuting distance of Central London. 

SIBS COO David Österström said the partnership with SIBS is a perfect fit for Donard Living’s experience in the identification, acquisition and financing of residential development projects in the UK and Ireland.

“Our collaboration combines our respective strengths,” he said. 

A Leading Global Player In A Growing Market

SIBS identified the UK and Ireland early on as a suitable geographical market to move into, as there is a strong need for new housing and the price of land is high. The UK is one of several countries where the general perception of modular construction is beginning to change from skepticism to creating demand. The now high quality of modular housing means that the method offers a number of advantages over traditional construction. Modular construction is clearly a growing segment, in which SIBS’ unique strengths and scalable capacity make us one of the world’s leading players. 

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