SIBS – remarkable buildings in 2022

SIBS completed a total of 590 apartments in 2022. These include a large variety of designs and exterior layouts, demonstrating the strength of our flexible construction system. Each project is carefully adapted to the surrounding environment and residents’ needs and wishes.

As the leading industrialised building company, we work with materials and design solutions that will stand the test of time

Sustainability, digitisation and welcoming environments are at the heart of our development approach, so we are committed to delivering houses that will stand for generations to come.

Here are some of our most notable and successful projects:


Prästgården is environmentally certified to Mijöbyggnad Silver standard, and lies between Vallentuna Centrum and the residential district, only 350 metres from the Roslagsbanan station with a direct connection to KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University.

Statistics have shown that an issue of accommodation persists here, thus influencing students’ education choices. This is where we are particularly proud to have contributed to a better housing situation for students in the Stockholm area.

The student apartment building we have built here is eco-friendly, with green roofs and rooftop solar panels. There is also a cargo bike pool, workshop, cycle room and a reuse room for used goods; then there are the chilled cabinets in the entrance area for food deliveries.

The building features a communal entrance lounge and communal study with library and events areas.

BARKARBYSTADEN KV 15, JÄRFÄLLA – Student resident, child care & rental apartments

One of our most vibrant urban development project sits right in the heart of Barkarbystaden, featuring 350 rental and student apartments complete with community facilities and a preschool. Emerging as a new regional city centre in the metropolitan area, it features a green and lively courtyard with plenty of space for socialising.

Designed for those who live here in mind, the variation in size of the building sections has a major impact on the silhouette, creating beautiful contrasts thanks to the different heights and shapes of the roofs.

NYKVARN KV 4, 5, 6 – Homes And Meeting Centres

Nykvarn Centrum

A development focused on service and safety, SIBS is building 279 homes here, alongside various retail and restaurant premises which will be completed in phases. The homes embody an innovative and stylish architectural design, using exclusive materials and with mobile access.

The apartments range from one to five room units plus kitchen and comes with oak parquet flooring, quartz worktops and fully tiled bathrooms. The kitchens have induction hubs and fan ovens.

All buildings in Nykvarn exceed by some margin the energy requirements set by the Swedish building standards and our goal is to build homes that are as energy-efficient as possible. Thus the use of rooftop solar panels in all our projects as we strive to reduce the climate impact both in the construction phase and for the building occupants.

Solar panels, geothermal heating, district heating, waterborne underfloor heating, low-flow taps and individual metering are examples of the holistic approaches we take to make our buildings sustainable to operate.

KASTANJEN, VALLENTUNA – Beautiful modern architecture

Close to Vallentuna centrum lies one of our most vibrant project of 36 apartments with one to three rooms plus kitchen. The building is adjacent to our other project, the student apartments in Prästgården. The facade is beautifully plastered in varying shades, forming a zigzag pattern with the street.

Solar panels on the roof help to provide good energy efficiency. There are premises on the ground floor, as well as cycle rooms both indoors and outdoors and access to a cargo bike pool.
Kastanjen also has chilled delivery cabinets in the entrance area for receiving food deliveries and it is environmentally certified to Mijöbyggnad Silver standard.

With a strong focus on sustainability and environmental protection, SIBS homes maintain a high level of quality with a fine choice of materials. Our flexible building system allows for adaptations and major variations so every project can be tailored to the surrounding environment and requirements.

SIBS currently has around 2,000 apartments in production, with ongoing and planned projects in Sweden and the UK .

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