In Södra Ladugårdsängen, two kilometers from central Örebro, we have built 156 apartments in a new residential area with good architecture and green courtyards. The surroundings are enriched by nature and recreation areas, golf course, racket center, swimming facility and nature reserve. With proximity to the city, food and service are a few minutes away by bus or car. The volumes of the slatted houses form a broken-up large courtyard block and the facades are clad with wood paneling and wooden trellis interspersed with green vegetation. The block is designed to enable the addition of smaller, smart and urban residential apartments.

To heat the apartments, the block uses rock heat, which in turn is powered by solar cells on the roof. The ventilation in the apartments handles waste heat, and by recovering the heat energy from the indoor air, less energy is required for preheating. The houses are provided with green roofs.

Next to the project, we have also built a parking garage, which is shared with the Autogyron project.

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