Socially sustainable and well-disposed housing.

In Barkarbystaden, we are planning for a city concept with appx. 350 apartments, communal areas, restaurants, small shops, and preschool in a pleasant mix with experiential architecture and greenery. The public spaces have been designed to make the streets more lively and enticing.

The buidlings have ben designed to create socially sustainable and well-disposed housing mixed with other desired functions. We want to create an inclusive neighborhood where commitment, creativity and innovation are allowed to grow in an inspiring environment.

Barkarby, Järfälla

350 apartments

The building has a very high environmental profile and offers solutions for sustainable mobility. In the building, the tenants can be sure that their energy use has green and renewable sources. To heat your apartment, the building uses geothermal heat, which in turn is powered by the sun, through the solar cells on the roof.

The ventilation in the apartments handles waste heat when it cleans the air in the home. By recovering the heat energy from the indoor air, less energy is required for heating.