Kvarteret Söderby


A stone’s throw from Brandbergen’s center with trade, restaurants, pharmacy, library and cinema is Söderby. There are good communications by commuter train and bus to Stockholm as well as recreational opportunities at Brandbergens IP or Brandbergsparken. The architecture in Söderby is modernist with stylish lines and wood paneling in varying colors. The entrance parts of the block give the house a clear dignity and the architectural ambition is that the block will be an urban addition to Brandbergen.



Söderby and has a very high environmental profile and offers solutions for sustainable mobility. You can be sure that your energy use has green and renewable sources. To heat your apartment, the block uses rock heat, which in turn is powered by solar cells on the roof. The ventilation in the apartments handles waste heat. By recovering the heat energy from the indoor air, less energy is required for heating. In Söderby, reasonable rents are offered. The house has been fully let since 2020. On the other side of the street, we are planning for another 300 homes that you can still register your interest in!