Kvarteret Kompassen


A stone’s throw from the center of Luleå, where the air defense regiment used to be, Kronan is growing. A natural city with a fund against forest and sea as well as its own district center, school and preschools. Today, the Kronan district consists of five residential areas and a workplace area. Buses are available here, and central Luleå is just a few minutes’ drive away, as are the airport and the university.



In Kronan, we are building the Kompassen district, which is designed as a small-scale and active city district characterized by variety. The block encloses a playful courtyard that opens onto the new “meeting point”. Facade materials such as stone and wood age with dignity. The roofs are designed to give the block an eventful silhouette, with the highest saddle roofs to the west, south and east and pulpit roofs to the north. An automated parking solution is integrated in the neighborhood. The block has a high environmental profile with low energy consumption (less than 30.8 kWh / m² and year according to BBR22) and in the block it will be offered favorable rents. Welcome to register your interest!