Barkarbystaden KV 20

Silhuetten, Barkarbystaden kv 20

In Silhuetten, we are building an urban district with 206 homes and 13 offices at the corner of Lansengatan and Herculesgatan together with Slättö.

Silhuetten in block 20 is centrally located in Barkarbystaden, opposite Herrestaskolan with grades F-6 and within walking distance of the future metro station, preschools and local services. Silhuetten’s block is characterised by diversity and creativity, both in terms of design and volume. The block will be built on 4-8 floors, with the corner of the block being the highest.

The facades will be slate and wood with a clear division. Houses with a slate façade have a plaster and granite base and a roof with a metal façade. The wooden facades are painted and have vertical and horizontal mouldings to create relief and shadow effects and a saddle roof landscape with a sedum roof. The ground floor premises and book rooms have large glazed windows to communicate with the public realm and contribute to a lively street scene.



The starting point is to create beautiful homes where commitment, creativity and innovation are allowed to grow in an inspiring environment. The apartments are bright and modern in varying sizes of 1-4 rooms. The offices are on two levels, with the possibility of a studio or shop on the ground floor.