Husta Parkstad

Connection to Kista "Stockholm's Silicon Valley".

In an attractive location between Husby, Kista and Akalla, Husta Parkstad has unique conditions to strengthen connections and unite the best of the districts. The urban strategy and the city plan combine new buildings with existing lanes and movements. The connection to Kista "Stockholm's Silicon Valley" is strengthened in terms of identity and movement.

The connection to Husby is also strengthened and the urban strategy transforms Hanstavägen from the back to the city street with life and movement during all hours of the day. According to the nature value inventory and the terrain analysis, there are significant nature values ​​in the northwest, as well as a bird habitat.


117 rental apartments

The opportunity to move around the whole of Husby, is important from a social value-creating perspective. Therefore, we have chosen to leave a large green wedge with the highest natural values ​​and concentrate the buildings towards Hanstavägen. It is also at the forest edge that the terrain is most hilly, which suggests prioritizing the buildings on flatter surfaces towards the urban street.

A socially value-creating perspective is the key to building a socially sustainable district. In order for visitors to appreciate public places and connections, the following functions will be implemented.

  • Hanstavägen, an urban route. How: A versatile and dynamic city street on pedestrian walking conditions. A wide range of premises, offices, community rooms and rooms with glazed areas for activities and services are located along the entire Hanstavägen. The architecture is interesting and characterized by variety. Seating and rest areas are integrated into the street façade and the promenade is characterized by greenery. Every 60 meters, active public spaces are created that attract breaks and meetings with friends and acquaintances.
  • Husta Torg, the heart of the area. How: The square is characterized by activity and zones for togetherness. Art, seating, prepared areas for leisure activities and green and blue solutions. In the ground floors of the residential buildings, space is created for premises facing the square. Together with selected partners, we intend to hold public training classes in the square and events where food markets with food trucks can be organized to attract residents and visitors.

Terraces that climb up to the forest.

It provides a neighborhood that at the same time focuses on active urban spaces, high natural values, recreation and social sustainability. Great focus is also on social value-creating content where we have collaborations with, among others, Jobbtorget and Mattecentrum and talks with organizations such as Pink Programming. We will also hire a sports agency to hold open classes on Husta Torg and contribute to increased activity and better health.

The large height differences provide an opportunity to work with exciting rooms in terraces that climb up to the forest. Terraces as an architectural measure are used both in public places and in architecture and plays with height and staircases. It gives the buildings a backbone with an urban charter towards Hanstavägen that protects against noise and meets the scale on the other side of the street and is stepped down towards Rogalandvandringen's more intimate nature space and towards Husta Torg.

Good sun and living conditions are created and roof terraces provide the opportunity for common areas and places for cultivation and self-catering. Sedum adorns the roofs visible from the terraces to increase the green space factor and solar cells enable local energy production.