Four blocks with rental and elderly housing.

The property is located in the southern part of Nyköping's city center with proximity to Nyköpingsån, the harbor area and Stadsfjärden. In the port area, a major urban development project is underway with the aim of creating a vibrant district with housing, places to visit, workplaces and downtown activities. Nyköping Central Station, and the planned Ostlänk connection, is located approximately two kilometers from the property.

In the area, Sveaviken Bostad is planning for four blocks with rental and elderly housing as well as rooms for activities and service to the streets.


Appx. 600 apartments

The neighborhood will get a detailed architecture that is characterized by Nyköping's cultural history, both the picturesque parts in the city center and the industria areal in the harbor, where large neighborhoods are mixed with smaller townhouses and traditional roof landscapes.

A green walkway runs through the area that is connected to the green residential yards within the neighborhood. Along the promenade, the terraced houses will have a courtyard with space for cultivation and separate entrances that can be reached via stairs. In the meeting with Nyköpingsån and the port area, a corner building is created that catches attention and clearly distinguish the buildings.